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Luxury Pool Designs & Construction, Renovation, Service & Repair

Luxury Pool Designs & Construction, Renovation, Service & Repair

Luxury Pool Designs & Construction, Renovation, Service & RepairLuxury Pool Designs & Construction, Renovation, Service & Repair


Shopping for Cars-  We incur many people who mistakenly shop for pool/spa projects like they do cars.   Shopping for price! It seems relevant, and sensible  but the truth is somewhat different.  Cars and such are mass produced under very controlled manufacturing processes, with controlled sub-components.   Swimming pools, well other than the equipment, not even close!  Bad concrete, thin vessels, improper application - it all comes down to builder education, experience, suitable design, proper materials for the application, and precise installation.   It's just really sad what our market produces. The truth is you can go to the court house today, fill out a DBA, and boom! you're a pool builder!    Unfortunately, we renovate multiple pools and repair the mistakes other builders have stuck their clients with every year. What type of product do you want in your backyard?  The cheapest pool you can get into that's going to be a problem, or a properly constructed, well thought out pool that is not only going to stand the test of time but will save you money every month in operating expense.

Soil Movement - In Dallas/Ft Worth and the surrounding areas there are many places that unfortunately have expansive soil.  Some of these locations can exceed a vertical movement of over nine inches.  If a builder is uneducated and simply just constructs your project without addressing the soil condition, it will move!  Raise, lover, shift, tilt, and potentially break!  At BlueWater Pools we are very familiar with constructing pools in these type of conditions, and are up to date on multiple ways of addressing these issues depending site conditions. 

National Building Codes Vessel Strength - Yes, there is a National Swimming Pool and Spa Code.  Most builders are of the understanding that they only comply with the gas, and electric codes specified by municipalities for permitting/inspections, because cities never enforce the pool/spa codes.  Lawfully, as a "responsible contractor" we are required to always build to the Highest National Standards.  Failure to do so will result in a not so favorable judgement in a construction defect lawsuit.   The national pool code, as do all other relevant codes refer to the American Concrete Institute Standards as their own.   The ACI standard for vessels to contain water be a minimum of 4000 psi, and salt or brackish water (0-10K ppm salt) vessels to be a minimum of 4500 psi.  Unfortunately since there is no requirement from the local municipalities, there is no demand for the suppliers to upgrade their product from the now almost ten year old 3000 psi.  Quality vendors and products are worth the investment over the life of your pool.  With BlueWater you can be assured that we have vetted our supplier for proper installation certifications and negotiated a concrete mix that exceeds the requirements.  We also can provide you with Lab Data that indicates our vessels exceed the national standard.  Ask another builder for lab data on there vessels, and you will only get excuses.  

National Building Codes Vessel Thickness-  The ACI also has standards on the thickness of vessels.  At a minimum there has to be 3" of clearance between the soil and the steel.  Additionally there has to a minimum of 3" between steel and water.  Now if you add that up it's 6" plus the thickness of the steel.  Today's common is 1/2", so two bars thickness is 1".  That is a 7" minimum!  Why are builders constructing 6" vessels as a standard?  Because they are unaware and under educated!  Have you ever seen a pool with a big rust spot (steel bleed) in the wall of floor?  Well that's a result of a vessel that is to thin. With BlueWater to can sleep at night knowing that we exceed these standards in the construction of you project.  We properly over dig the pool/spa to allow for proper thickness, and check the elevations at all required phases.  It all comes down to proper supervision!

Hydraulic Systems- The heart and soul of your pool!  Physics dictates that we can only suck or push a limited amount water through a specified size pipe.  Unfortunately very few builders spend the time on these factors.  The majority just cost out their sub contractors minimums.  The result is more cost to you on a daily basis for operating cost.  Undersized plumbing prevents you from running an optimum turnover rate. Therefore you are forced to run the pumps longer hours to keep the water clear and properly sanitized!  That adds up to a lot of electricity cost!  Today's  variable speed pumps require more water! Is the builder using Venturi Skimmers to boost overall cleaning up to 200% at low pump speeds? Are there any dead areas in the pool with no circulation? If you want to save on operating cost contact BlueWater today.  We construct and maintain many Commercial Projects, under the oversight of the County Health Departments!  We apply this same mentality and technology to our residential clientele.  Properly planned and executed Hydraulic Plans and Equipment Selection can save you over $1200 a year in operation cost.  That's a huge additional expense over the life of the pool.  It will cost you less upfront know but save you thousands!